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Nam An Khanh Villas new

Villa For Sale in Ba Dinh, Hanoi

V24-314 is a 64 square meter Villa with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that is available For Sale., It belongs to the Nam An Khanh Villas development in Hanoi, Hanoi. The Villa can be bought with a ownership title for a sales price of ₫890,000,000 (₫13,906,250/Sq.M).

2 Bed 2 Bath
64 SqM Floors: N/A
₫ 890,000,000
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 Villa For Sale in Hanoi at 183 HOANG VAN THAI APARTMENT | V24-263
Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam
74 SqM
 Villa For Sale in Hanoi at Nam An Khanh Villas | V24-314
Nam An Khanh Villas new
Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
64 SqM
 Villa For Sale in Hanoi at Gamuda Gardens | V24-352
Gamuda Gardens new
Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
35 SqM
 Villa For Sale in Hanoi at THE MANOR CENTRAL PARK - HA NOI | V24-242
Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam
30 SqM

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What You Need to Know About Hanoi

Hanoi is a beautiful city on the banks of the Red River and is the capital of Vietnam. The charming city of Hanoi is the home to over 7 million residents that are spread across 17 rural and 12 urban districts. Hanoi is dubbed as the ‘Paris of the east' because if its great French influence.

Hanoi houses well-preserved monuments, colonial architecture, ancient pagodas, and various museums. Colorful skyscrapers, scenic landscapes, glittering lakes, modern cafes, and a vibrant nightlife which makes Hanoi a perfect city to live in.

Hanoi contributes more than 12% to the GDP of Vietnam which is thriving despite the global economic slowdown, due to the urbanization, and growing industrial development and the tech giants like Apple and Samsung who have set up their plants in the outskirts of Hanoi. Constant economic and infrastructure growth and tourism growth have triggered employment opportunities for both the locals and foreign nationals.

Types of a villa in Hanoi

Hanoi is experiencing a surge in the real estate market and construction sector. Property prices are low when compared to its neighboring city, Ho Chi Minh.

Renting a villa is the most popular option among the expats, however, many prefer buying villa properties as they provide excellent yields. Buying a villa or an apartment can be a long-term investment but the growing economy guarantees a steady rental yield. There are different types of villas and most expats prefer to invest in villas that offer a luxurious lifestyle. a few of the different types are listed below.

  • Luxury villas – come with tiled floors, modern furniture, balcony, private terrace, swimming pool and a garden in the backyard.

  • River view villas – a bit more expensive than other villas. You can have a beautiful view of the red lake from the terrace. Many river view villas are built inside gated communities and they come with excellent facilities such as play areas, gyms, clubhouses, and supermarkets.

Popular areas in Hanoi

The registration costs on investments are extremely low when compared to other cities in the Asia Pacific region. The selling price for a villa depends on the district and the locality. A few of the suburbs are discussed below.

Tay Ho: Is a beautiful urban district, Tay Ho is next to the Hanoi's largest lake, the West Lake. The area is located close to the city center with many high-end residential villas and apartments that have a large population of expats. The grand styled French-inspired villas, manicured gardens, and floating restaurants in this district is a draw factor for most investors. botanical garden and Quan Thanh temple add to the charm of this district, with world-class international schools and child-friendly neighborhood makes Tay Ho an ideal place to invest.

Can Giay: is known for the Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower which is one of the highest residential towers in Vietnam. It has many international schools and reputed universities like the National University. It offers a great return on your investment because of its proximity to good educational institutions.

Tu Liem: The urban district of Tu Liem was divided into South Tu Liem and North Tu Liem in the year 2013. Tu Liem is known for several new developments and skyscrapers. Expats that wish to live a hassle-free, luxurious but affordable life tend to prefer this district.

Ha Dong: Was once popular with expats as an investment choice. The district had been witnessing a fall in house prices for the past few years due to various reasons. However, Ha Dong is getting back to growth and many expats are looking to invest here now.

Lifestyle factors in Hanoi

Life in Hanoi is simple, yet stunning. cost of living is quite cheap. Vietnamese is the official language of the country and a few locals understand and speak English. Hanoi is described as Vietnam's center for education. The city has a lot of good schools, universities and multispecialty hospitals.

Residents of Hanoi can choose from a variety of transportation modes. Trains, buses, and minibus connect almost to every suburb of Hanoi. Metered taxis, cycle rickshaws, tuk-tuks, and motorbikes are also available.

Hanoi has four distinct seasons. The right amount of annual rainfall preserves the lush green landscape and favors cultivation.

Top 5 reasons why to invest in Hanoi

There are many good reasons to invest in Hanoi, which are as follows:

  1. Hanoi is investing a lot in upgrading its public infrastructure. Two metro lines are under construction and are expected to be operational soon. Several skyscrapers, residential towers, and new road constructions are underway to help attract more investment into the city.

  2. Life in Hanoi is easy and stress-free. There were times when traffic used to be a significant problem for its residents, but it has improved dramatically. The transportation sector has undergone rapid developments. It has dramatically reduced travel congestion and stress.

  3. The city's Old Quarter and the French Quarter provides a perfect blend of tradition and modernism. The city is also known for its warm and peace-loving locals and UNESCO awarded Hanoi with the title, ‘City for peace’ to appreciate their culture.

  4. An easy visa process helps foreigners to move here and settle very quickly. English tutors are high in demand, in addition to the other jobs in varied industries.

  5. People that live in Hanoi are fortunate to enjoy a wide range of street foods and they are extremely cheap and the price ranges between $1 and $5. Cosmopolitan style bars, night clubs, and floating restaurants are also available. This makes this city affordable as it suits every budget.