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What You Need to Know About Hanoi

Steeped in history, Vietnam’s bustling capital is emerging from its former Franco-Chinese past. Located next to the Red River, it blends a perfect mélange of East and West with Vietnamese influences and Gallic flair.

Unaffected from decades of turmoil, rapid development is taking place with developments and complexes flourishing making it enticing for real estate and foreign investors. Packed with culture, history and vibrant nightlife, Vietnam’s second-biggest city features Ha Long Bay, lush green spaces, traditional villages, well-kept colonial buildings, grass-covered hilltops, and thriving markets.

Attracting more than 13 million visitors in 2018, Hanoi can be explored on foot with a host of museums, outstanding cuisine and an incredible Old Quarter dating back to the 13th Century.

Types of Property in Hanoi

Since 2015, foreigners can purchase property across Vietnam thanks to a change in the system. Choose from a wide selection of apartments, villas, condos and modern development blocks in Hanoi with numerous amenities such as dedicated 24-hour security and on-site car parking.

Some of the plushest developments with excellent rental yields are based just six kilometers from downtown Hanoi including Vincom Royal City. Benefitting from 3000-plus stylish apartments, this modern complex provides a range of facilities from a shopping mall to a branch of the highly acclaimed Vinmec Medical Centre.

In addition, Hanoi’s growing economy and tourism sector continues to grow alongside its real estate market. Brand new areas are mushrooming around the city with Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh and Ciputra among the most popular. This is coupled with an increasing middle class ensuring a rise in demand for property.

Some of the most popular investment options are villas and terraced houses as well as condos and specialist condo style hotels. These can be largely seen in the West and southwest of Hanoi which has seen a recent property boom. Affordable and mid-range properties can be found within close proximity of strategic junction points and transport stations

Popular Areas in Hanoi

Undergoing large construction, most notably in the West and Southwest, there are excellent rental yields and property investments in Hanoi including Tay Ho. One of the most livable areas in the Vietnamese capital, this affluent riverside location enjoys several verdant spaces and offers easy access to the city center.

Meanwhile, Can Giay is perfectly positioned close to the center. Home to several universities and Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Vietnam and there are numerous planned developments set to get underway within this district.

Ha Dong is another distinct spot where foreign investors have a choice. With excellent infrastructure not to mention several schools, there are a wealth of off-plan properties planned.

Further south of Tay Ho and Can Giay lies Tanh Xuan where investors can take advantage of a recent property boom with more affordable properties set to be constructed. Both North and South Nam Tu Liem in Western Hanoi are additional locations gathering attention. Considered to be the latest real estate hotspot, property developers are focusing their attention on constructing new developments in this specific locality.

Lifestyle in Hanoi

The political, cultural and historical epicenter of Vietnam, Hanoi is rich in heritage and lush terrain. Among the modern skyscrapers, this busy metropolis is home to an array of parks, picturesque lakes, and ancient streets.

Discover the tranquil Hoan Kiem Lake positioned in central Hanoi and close to the warren of narrow streets around the Old Quarter. Practice tai chi with the locals when the sun rises or simply take a wander around this expansive green space. Don’t miss the Temple of Literature which dates back to the 11th century and is the bedrock of Confucianism.

When it comes to entertainment, Hanoi doesn’t disappoint either thanks to traditional Vietnamese opera, water puppetry and theatre shows. Sample a Bia-Hoi (local beer) at one of Hanoi’s many open-air bars or wander down a passageway to find one of its many street vendors selling tasty treats.

For cooking masterclasses and to gain an insight into local Vietnamese cuisine, take a gastro tour with Hanoi Food Tasting Tours. Dedicated to culinary experiences, they offer a broad choice of itineraries from beginner right up to professional foodies.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Invest in Hanoi

  1. Market Growth—With more than 80 million people, Vietnam has a large market potential for real estate and foreign investment. As the country’s economy continues to grow, market conditions are also increasing. A newly developed social status and rising demand for retail and property have made Hanoi among other cities in Vietnam highly appealing for both domestic and foreign investment.
  2. Excellent Infrastructure—Top notch connections and transport link upgrades make Hanoi attractive for business operations including three hi-tech industrial parks in Hanoi. Roads, railways, ports and more than 10 international airports across the country allow for convenient travel connecting Vietnam to 40-plus destinations across South East Asia. Last year saw a brand new subway system launched in Hanoi with further works whilst the national road system has been fully renovated.  
  3. Quality of Living—A rapid economy and tourist market has established Vietnam as a popular location. Standards of living are improving where individuals have access to a wealth of facilities from world-class healthcare to ritzy shopping malls and cinema complexes.
  4. Glorious Shorelines—For those seeking a place to relax, Hanoi is perfectly situated near to a collection of unsullied beaches. With crystal clear water, the secluded Quan Lan can be easily reached. Nestled within Bai Tu Long Bay it is fast becoming a leading tourism hotspot. The island’s most notable stretch of sand is Minh Chau Beach extending for nearly two miles and is ideal for numerous water sports activities including kayaking.
  5. Rental Returns—As large development projects are planned in the West and Southwest of the city, this will give investors the greatest rental yields. When compared to Bangkok and Singapore, rental returns in Hanoi are slightly higher with a current buzz around condos and condo-hotel style accommodation.