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Indochina Riverside

Property For Rent in Thanh Khe, Da Nang

V15-43 is a 172 square meter Property with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms that is available For Rent. It is part of Indochina Riverside in Da Nang. You can rent this Property long term for ₫16,000,000 per month.

3 Bed 3 Bath
172 SqM Floor: Ground
₫ 16,000,000
Monthly Rent

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 Property For Rent in Da Nang at Indochina Riverside | V15-43
Indochina Riverside
Thanh Khe, Da Nang, Vietnam
₫16,000,000 / Month
172 SqM

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What You Should Know About Da Nang

Da Nang is the largest city in Central Vietnam and the third largest in Vietnam. It’s geographically halfway between Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi, on the Eastern Sea coast.

The origin of Da Nang dates back to the 16th Century. The name, Da Nang, in Champa language means “big river” or “main estuary.” It is close to a prominent seaport on the western bank of the Han River and close to the world heritage cities Hoi An and the imperial capital of Hue

Da Nang was the most important region and the center of activity of the ancient kingdom of Champa. You can still see the mark of the Chams in many places in present-day Da Nang, the most famous is at “My Son” and are Hindu temples. The Portuguese traders were the first Europeans to set foot in the region in the 16th century. Slowly, the balance of power shifted to Central Vietnam during the last royal dynasty rule, the Nguyens, between 1802 and 1945. During this time, the French had taken control and only allowed the royal dynasty nominal control over central Vietnam and allowed them to set up a splendid imperial court at Hue.

In the 19th Century, Da Nang replaced Hoi An as the most important trading port in Central Vietnam. The present-day Da Nang is a fast-developing metro with its share of skyscrapers, modern bridges, scenic mountains and the best beaches in the country. It has a population of 1.215 million.

Property Types in Da Nang

The rapid growth of Da Nang as a metropolitan city has seen a large increase in the number of housing projects to meet the demands of the population. There are more than 50 under-construction projects by big developers, which include more than 50,000 apartments, penthouses, and villas.

It also has a unique type of property to offer, the condotel, which is hybrid lodging with the features of a condominium and a hotel. The condotels operate as hotels and have rental and a reservation desk. The units are usually individually owned and rented on a short-term basis, offering food, and telephone and laundry services.

Beach houses are very much sought after among the expats and affluent Vietnamese, because of their calm and serene atmosphere and sea-view. You will find studio apartments and one-bed apartments which are affordable as well as 9-bed luxury villas for an upmarket lifestyle.

Popular Parts of Da Nang

The Han River passes right through the center of Da Nang, dividing the city into two distinct parts, the East and the West Side.

Eastside – The Eastside of the city consists of two districts, Son Tra district in the north and Ngu Hanh Son to the south. It is a beach-side area, and you can live closer to the beaches in properties facing the sea, that give you a beautiful view of the pristine beaches. The Eastside is home to many seafood restaurants and is a quieter residential area and has the main road leading to Hoi An. The markets and shops have a local feel, and there is also a few entertainment options available.

Ngu Hanh Son, district is to the south of Da Nang and is a very popular area for housing, and has properties ranging from private rooms to spacious villas on the beach. The very popular Marble Mountains, which is a cluster of five marble and limestone mountains, are in this district.

The Son Tra area surrounds the mountainous eastern peninsula and comprises of the smaller, little and rockier beaches like Bai Con, Bai Bac, Bai Nam, and Tien SA beach. Kinh Pagoda and Monkey Mountain are the neighboring tourist interests.

West Side – This region is more urban with tall buildings and busy streets. Bach Dang, the riverfront area and the teeming Le Duan and Tran Phu streets here are a big attraction for both locals and tourists. The majority of the city’s recreation, shopping, food markets, and sports facilities are on the west side. The most popular and expat-favored district is the Hai Chau district, and is the central commercial district of Da Nang, with office complexes and shopping areas.

My Khe Beach, popularly known as China Beach, is along the coastline, covering parts of Son Tran and Ngu Hanh Son districts. It’s one of the best beaches in Vietnam and is an attractive place to stay for tourists and expats.

Thanh Khe and Cam Le are urban districts in the South Central coastal region, which also have good housing rental options.

Standard of Living in Da Nang

The city has become a major tourist attraction while still retaining an informal atmosphere with famous and popular landmarks and beautiful bridges (the most spectacular of all, the Dragon Bridge), the Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills (the hilltop theme park with a French Village just on the outskirts of the city), exotic beaches like My Khe Beach and My Son ruins, and the Hans Market for shopping and street food.

Da Nang, has an international airport, and is directly accessible by air from International cities like Singapore and Bangkok and is also easily reachable from other domestic destinations. The railway station in the town connects Da Nang to all major cities and other destinations within Vietnam.

Da Nang has some good hospitals for treatment of most conditions, but visitors and expats usually head to bigger cities like Ho Chi Minh City for advanced medical care. Having good international health insurance is necessary for access to the healthcare system.

Cost of living in Da Nang is quite reasonable with affordable rentals and local street food and cheap labor. A family of two can efficiently manage with a budget of around 1500 USD per month.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Rent in Da Nang

  1. The People of Da Nang are very friendly and attentive. They are always willing to help newcomers to the city with details about the city and directions.

  2. The city is attracting more and more expats due to the growth of the Job Market.

  3. Da Nang is the only city in Vietnam that provides free wifi throughout the downtown area and you do not have to go in search of cafes an internet connection.

  4. The city is a haven for delicious food. You can eat the simplest of local food like Banh Beo to sumptuous sauce noodles, baked meat, and rice noodles. Do not forget to try the fantastic seafood which is a specialty of this beach City.

  5. The clean and garbage-free beaches are the most attractive draw to the City. It’s fantastic to see that local people volunteer to pick up the trash thrown away by outsiders to keep their beaches clean.