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Luxury Property For Sale in Hai Chau, Da Nang

It is part of FPT BUILDING in Da Nang. You can buy this Property for a base price of ₫15,990,000,000 (₫0/Sq.M)

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₫ 15,990,000,000
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Luxury Property For Sale in Da Nang at FPT BUILDING | V15-53
Hai Chau, Da Nang, Vietnam

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What You Need to Know About Danang

One of Vietnam’s most rapidly changing cityscapes, Danang is becoming increasingly appealing for real estate and foreign investors. Swanky hotels, restaurants, and contemporary apartments are popping up along the majestic Han riverfront. Towards the North, a brand new D-City complex is emerging whilst Danang Beach is home to a collection of hotel developments and resorts.

Located between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Danang International Airport is situated less than four kilometers from the City Centre. A fast-growing economy has seen Vietnam’s fourth biggest city welcome more than three million tourists in 2018.

Don’t miss Danang’s pulsating nightlife, vibrant street-food scene and glorious sandy beaches including China Beach boasting magnificent views of the iconic Marble Mountains.

Types of Property in Danang

Residential properties range from stylish villas and townhouses with un-spoilt shorelines to beachfront properties, condo units and luxury apartments. Considered to be one of the cleanest and most developed locations across Vietnam, Danang caters to both locals and foreigners.

In contrast to the capital Hanoi, property prices in Danang tend to be lower. Although luxury villas are expensive stretching into the millions of dollars, spacious condo-style accommodation remains affordable for both one and two-bed units. These can be found on both sides of Danang with close proximity on foot to its many beaches.

Divided by the River Han, there is investment potential on both the East and west of the city. Due to its location, the Eastern district is renowned for providing an array of pricier beachside properties. Western Danang is where you will find a hive of activity and facilities and a broad selection of great riverside condos.

Popular Areas in Danang

Although Danang is not expansive, it does allow for convenient travel across the city. The Western side provides a host of diverse shops, boutique stores, restaurants, and cafes. The eastern side offers highly accessible properties with easy access to downtown Danang and less than three kilometers to glorious sandy-filled beaches. Enjoying picturesque ocean views, the Eastern side of Danang is growing in popularity thanks to stunning beachfront houses and a much more relaxed atmosphere.

West of the River Han is where investment opportunities are also available with numerous apartments and condo properties. Foreigners have taken a greater interest in Hoi An which can be reached from Danang in around 50 minutes by car.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this quaint Vietnamese City is based near several beaches delivering mouthwatering local cuisine and fresh seafood. Luxury villas can be found in and around Hoi An attracting more and more foreigners making it popular for investment opportunities.

Lifestyle in Danang

Ideally positioned less than two hours from Hue, Danang’s coastal location makes it an attractive investment prospect for investors purchasing beachfront holiday homes.

Discover unsullied sandy beaches and lush nature reserve in the Son Tra peninsula or experience Danang’s nearby limestone hills. Known as the Marble Mountains, this cluster of five hilltops are named after the five specific elements, metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Cavernous tunnels and Buddhist sanctuaries can be visited whilst adventure-enthusiasts can climb to the peak of Mount Thuy. Admire some of Danang’s most famous bridges that extend across the River Han including the spectacular yellow Dragon Bridge.

There are plenty of distractions with a plethora of dining choices stretching along the riverside. Whether it’s fine dining or simpler cuisine, you can sample several global and locally influenced restaurants. For retail therapy, head to the Vincom Mall located on the eastern side of the River Han. This four-story shopping center has a cinema complex, ice skating rink, traditional markets, and a few larger department stores.

Practice your swing at one of Danang’s world-class golf courses featuring Montgomerie Links and Danang Golf Resort or place your bets at its thrilling casino. Explore the 20-plus kilometer terrain around Hai Van Pass with some of the most unforgettable sea views throughout Vietnam. For those looking to relax and recuperate, why not visit China Beach with un-spoilt views and azure-colored waters.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Invest in Danang

  1. Development Boom—the financial injection from the Vietnamese government into promoting tourism has seen a rapid real estate growth especially in Danang city itself and the surrounding areas.  
  2. Ideal for Business—in recent years, the Asia Institute of City Management (AICM) has given Danang the prestigious honor of being the most livable city in the country with its business environment acting as a main contributing force.
  3. Expanding Infrastructure—given its central coastal position, Danang is the ideal gateway to other major cities in Vietnam including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Danang has major national highways, the third biggest international airport and is a key stop along Vietnam’s principal rail system. In addition to this, the introduction of numerous IT parks will see the city become a major hub in Vietnam’s telecommunication system.
  4. Rental Yields—with lots of brand new real estate, supply around coastal areas and urban districts, rental returns are steadily rising. Danang is where you will discover some of Vietnam’s most jaw-dropping beachfront real estate which has led to a favorable climate.
  5. Foreign Interest—Vietnam has now allowed foreigners to invest in real estate. With greater flexibility and rapid growth, developers can sell up to 30% of units in every building complex. Foreign buyers are tempted by the up and coming districts close to the River Han whilst purchasing a coastal property is becoming an attractive proposition for international buyers. Purchasing or renting villas in Danang along with plush coastal villas are the main draw providing access to a range of exclusive amenities including private swimming pools.