Nha Trang

Neighborhood Overview

  • Buy
    1.1B ₫ - 60.5B ₫
  • For Sale on FazWaz.vn:
    305 properties
  • Rent
    6.5M ₫ - 25M ₫
  • For Rent on FazWaz.vn:
    36 properties
  • To Tan Son Nhat International Airport:
    429 km / 8 hours 1 min by driving

Property in Nha Trang

Latest Reviews of Projects in Nha Trang

Marina Suites
good location with nice view
User Rating
Overall Rating
marina suites is the most beautiful model apartment which is close to the beach and they provide a walking path directly to the beach. the atmosphere is fresh and quiet that can help me to relief the stressful for a long day. i’m so appreciate with a beachfront view from my room through the window glass. the service is like i stayed at the 5 stars hotel, highly recommend for everyone.
Dong Kao
  • 1 year ago
2 reviews
Maple Hotel and Apartment
good investment and great holiday home
User Rating
Overall Rating
maple hotel and apartments is just good value of money investments. a 2-bedroom apartment is huge, very spacious, and very modern. with long glass windows and the view of bay beach it’s a perfect holiday home. when i am in spain, they are lots of renters so its perfect investment. for a holiday home the living room is so huge i can have a small party and head out to west street to enjoy. maple hotel and apartments location is the best as i have beach access to the beautiful and mesmerizing beach in vietnam.
Lisa Dias
  • 1 year ago
1 review
Marina Suites
paradise at its peak
User Rating
Overall Rating
marina suites apartments is beautiful and just stunning to look at. a two-bedroom apartment is spacious, welcoming and semi-luxury. the floors are made of white marble, and the rooms are all light tone. the view from the master bedroom is amazing is like waking up next to the beach and the balcony is spacious to drink coffee and have a snack with my partner. surrounding marina suites apartment is a beautiful beach and just a beautiful paradise to escape from the world and fully re-charge.
Kimberly Mooses
  • 1 year ago
2 reviews
The Capella Garden
amazing first home
User Rating
Overall Rating
anuva residences apartments is a perfect first home in a calm, residential community of muntinlupa city. anuva residences apartments 1-bedroom is cozy and warm. the tiles are wooden which i prefer, and the furniture’s are all white and nice looking. anuva residences apartment for someone single is perfect to stay at first home. the surrounding area is calm, and beautiful with the view of the lake and various parks in the area.
Catherine Klaus
  • 1 year ago
1 review
Virgo Hotel and Apartment
superb location
User Rating
Overall Rating
we stayed at the hotel for 3 nights. the virgo hotel located in nha trang, 5 mins walk to the beach. the room is spacious and clean with a sea view and city view. especially, an infinity pool at the 28th floor. and also, it has a good gym with filly equipped, new, facing the ocean, and glass floor to ceiling. receptions were so helpful and friendly. highly recommend to stay at this hotel.
Philemon Anisimov
  • 1 year ago
1 review

Overview of Neighborhoods in Nha Trang

Phuoc Hai
47 Properties for you
Buy: 1.45B ₫ - 60.5B ₫
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Vinh Hoa
40 Properties for you
Buy: 1.85B ₫ - 58.2B ₫
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Phuoc Long
27 Properties for you
Buy: 1.6B ₫ - 21.5B ₫
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Tan Lap
24 Properties for you
Buy: 1.1B ₫ - 54.1B ₫
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Vinh Hai
24 Properties for you
Buy: 1.78B ₫ - 22B ₫
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Phuoc Tien
16 Properties for you
Buy: 2.95B ₫ - 24.1B ₫
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Vinh Hiep
15 Properties for you
Buy: 1.98B ₫ - 28B ₫
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Vinh Ngoc
15 Properties for you
Buy: 1.3B ₫ - 12B ₫
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Phuoc Tan
14 Properties for you
Buy: 1.85B ₫ - 34.3B ₫
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Vinh Phuoc
12 Properties for you
Buy: 1.35B ₫ - 35B ₫
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